NHS prescriptions
made simple

A simple, quick and effective way of managing your repeat prescriptions online.

icon-slide-1 Your prescription...
Ordered and checked...
And delivered to your door

How it works

Prescriptions.co.uk is a fast reliable service. Just three simple steps and you can start to receive your prescriptions direct to your door.

Step 1

You can ask your doctor or surgery to nominate prescriptions.co.uk as your preferred method of getting your medicines delivered.

Step 2

Your doctor sends your prescription electronically through the secure end to end NHS system.

Step 3

A qualified pharmacist checks your prescription for accuracy and safety, any concerns are reported to your doctor for review. Medicines will be dispensed and sent with Royal Mail for next day delivery.


Remember... you can log into prescriptions.co.uk at anytime to manage your prescriptions, set up alerts and pay for your medicines if you do not have an exemption.

Why use Prescriptions.co.uk?

In 2016, the UK reached its highest population level ever at 65.6 million and is projected to reach 74 million by 2039.

Our population is also living longer thanks to improved healthcare and medicines. This growth is putting pressure on our NHS services and resources. Government cuts to public services, which include pharmacy, along with mobility issues faced by many UK citizens make it increasingly difficult to access the services they need regularly and sometimes urgently.

5 reasons to use this service

  • Safe and reliable
  • No more queuing at the pharmacy
  • Your medicines delivered direct to your door
  • We help take the worry out of managing your medications
  • Our pharmacists are available to discuss any concerns you have about your prescription


Your prescriptions.co.uk service will launch 2019. Please fill out the details below to be notified once the service is up and running.